Amazing hair tips from Jen Glanz, founder of bridesmaid for hire using Keratin Perfect!

Amazing hair tips from Jen Glanz, founder of bridesmaid for hire using Keratin Perfect!

Being a part of a bridal party can be costly but, Keratin Perfect hair care, along with Jen Glantz, founder of Bridesmaid For Hire, are here to show you how you can get amazing bridal looks AND save your bridal party money by using this at-home range of hair-saving products powered by salon-quality keratin.

Jen Glanz shares her 3 bridesmaid hair tips to consider as you are gearing up for that big day:

1. Bring Product & Pins 

“Being a good bridesmaid often means going with the flow. So, when it comes to your hair, knowing that it can be affected by weather conditions, lots of movement, and even sweat, means that it's always good to come prepared. “Pack frizz-fighting products like the Keratin Frizz-Free Blow-Dry Cream or my own personal go-to the Benefit Obsessed Multi-Purpose Treatment Spray, bobby pins, and even styling tools so that you can freshen up and tame any frizz and fly-aways before walking down the aisle or during cocktail hour,” said Jen.

Keratin Perfect’s Keratin Frizz-Free Blow-Dry Cream (2.5 oz. / $24) revitalizes hair and tames unruly strands, making this the perfect touch-up product with the combination of a hair dryer!

Keratin Perfect Benefit Obsessed Multi-Purpose Treatment Spray (5 oz. $22 MSRP), is like magic in a bottle! This lightweight, all-in-one spray promotes strength while intensifying hair color vibrancy so it pops in pictures. The benefits can be seen instantly, I’m SO obsessed!”

2. Start a keratin-enhanced haircare regimen!

“Want your hair to look picture perfect on the day of the wedding? There's a lot you can do before the big day to get your hair ready. A week before, spend quality time taking care of your hair.

Give it a deep condition (I like to use the Keratin Hydrate Deep Conditioner),and use high-quality products (any of the Keratin Perfect Shampoo & Conditioner duos) that won't strip your hair of natural oils. I recommend you take a break from using hot styling tools to not dry out hair before the big day,” recommended Jen.

Keratin Perfect’s Keratin Hydrate Deep Conditioner (7 oz. / $21 MSRP) is like an indulgent vanilla-infused spa treatment for your hair that boosts moisture. One last piece of advice from Jen, “A pro tip, even for those who have oily hair, is to wash your hair the day before the wedding. Styling hair in updos or with curls always holds better on hair that's slightly dirty.”

3. Destination Weddings/Wedding Party Take-Home Bags

The entire Keratin Perfect collection is available in travel sizes! Whether you are part of a destination wedding and need products to pack in your luggage, or helping a bride find a sweet way to say ‘Thank You’ to their bridal party as they get ready.

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