Don't Let Winter Dry Out Your Hair -  Keep Hair Perfectly Hydrated with Keratin Perfect

Don't Let Winter Dry Out Your Hair - Keep Hair Perfectly Hydrated with Keratin Perfect

When snow is falling and the air is cold, you may find yourself using more lip balm and lotion to keep your skin hydrated. Just like your skin, your hair can become drier in the winter too. Keratin Perfect hair care has just what you need to achieve salon-quality results at home and keep your hair healthy, hydrated, and perfect all season long!  

 Imagine a relaxing spa day where you feel completely refreshed after. Now imagine that for your hair! Keratin Perfect Keratin Hydrate Deep Conditioner is a super hydrating, indulgent spa treatment for your hair that restores moisture, elasticity, and shine. This vanilla-infused deep conditioner is formulated with a unique keratin blend and a blend of botanicals that promote healthy hair and scalp. After washing with Keratin Perfect shampoo, leave Keratin Hydrate on hair for 10-20 minutes for an intensive conditioning treatment.

 Once you’re ready to style your hair, the last thing you want is a head full of frizz to ruin the perfect hairstyle. Keratin Perfect Keratin Frizz-Free Blow-Dry Cream can create the perfect right-out-of-the-salon blowout. This blow-dry cream revitalizes hair from the inside out and tames frizzy strands – not to mention, it cuts down lengthy blow-dry time! Apply to damp or dry hair, and heat style for best results.

Brighten your hair and leave it feeling instantly silky and soft with Keratin Perfect Benefit Obsessed®. The salon-quality keratin blend strengthens the hair from within and promotes hair’s resilience and strength. This easy to use, all-in-one spray is lightweight and delivers the ultimate blowout, and you’ll be obsessed! Spray Benefit Obsessed® through damp or dry hair and heat style for best results.  


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