Leave-In Keratin Spray - How to incorporate it in your styling routine!

Leave-In Keratin Spray - How to incorporate it in your styling routine!

There always comes a time when we have to do our own styling at home. Multiple salon visits a month just isn't in the cards, especially nowadays. And to get that “just-got-my-hair-did look”, it takes the right technique and products. Styling your hair doesn’t need to be challenging, especially when you have the right products at hand.

Keratin Perfect’s Benefit Obsessed Multi‑Purpose Treatment Spray is must have in your haircare routine for more reasons than one! This all-in-one leave-in keratin spray delivers an epic punch of salon-quality Hydrolyzed Keratin which restores moisture, elasticity, and shine! It also provides heat protection, minimizes frizz, speeds up your blow-dry time, and most importantly makes the hair manageable! Spray this on damp hair and get to blow-drying! We promise you that your hair won't turn into a frizzy mess 10 minutes later.

 PRO-TIP: After drying, flat iron the hair to lock in the keratin treatment benefits and get instantly noticeable color vibrancy & smoothness in the hair!

 It is also an amazing go-to product for those rocking a natural look! The lightweight spray formula won't weigh the hair down but conditions and seals for healthy, bouncy, looking curls. Apply the ultimate treatment spray onto cleansed damp hair as a leave-in treatment or apply it to dry hair to get a fresh reset for a brand-new day!

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